Apple furious at EU plan for standard chargers

Apple isn't happy.

The EU has unveiled plans to make all tech firms adopt the same charging ports for phones, tablets, game consoles and many other gadgets.

And that hits the Silicon Valley giant more than any other brand.

It uses a different cable from the USB-C connector that Brussels wants to make standard.

New Android phones already tend to use the EU's favoured port.

Apple says the regulation will stifle innovation, and hurt consumers.

Industry commissioner Thierry Breton sees it the other way round.

He says it will mean people no longer need a jumble of different cables, and can power up all their devices from the same charger.

Breton dismissed worries about innovation, and claims that the measure was aimed at Apple:

"No, it's not at all against innovation. By the way, it's not against anyone. It is just everything we do - like everything I do as a commissioner and everything we do as the Commission - it is for the consumers."

The commission also sees environmental benefits.

It estimates that 1,000 tonnes of electronic waste can be avoided as a result of reduced charger production, with CO2 emissions also cut.

Now the proposal will need a green light from EU member states and lawmakers.

After that companies will have two years to adapt their devices.