Apple’s new iOS 13 beta software just revealed the iPhone 11’s exact launch date

Yoni Heisler

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Remember when the biggest iPhone leaks came from Apple’s supply chain? Well, in an odd turn of events, some of the biggest iPhone leaks over the past few years have come directly from Apple. Case in point: the recent beta of iOS 13 strongly suggests that Apple will unveil its iPhone 11 lineup on Tuesday, September 10. This of course aligns quite well with a previous rumor claiming that Apple’s new iPhone 11 models will hit store shelves on September 20 after going up for preorder on Friday, September 13.

Originally brought to light via iHelp BR, the most recent iOS 13 beta includes some system files with some telling indicators. As evidenced by the below, iOS 13 beta 7 includes a screenshot of an iOS homescreen with the Calendar app showing Tuesday the 10th as the listed date.

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While you might be forgiven for initially thinking that extrapolating the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max unveiling date from the photo above is something of a stretch, it’s worth noting that the date for Apple’s iPhone media event last year was leaked in a similar way with the release of an iOS 12 beta.

So here’s what we know so far about the impending iPhone 11 release: Apple will likely introduce its new iPhone models on Tuesday, September 10. Following that, pre-orders are expected to open up on Friday, September 13, followed by what we can assume will be something of a global release on September 20.

As for specific devices, Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup will likely consist of a 6.1-inch device with an LCD display, along with two OLED models sporting 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED displays. Interestingly, the 6.5-inch model — which will reportedly boast a triple-lens camera scheme along with the 5.8-inch iPhone — may be dubbed the “iPhone 11 Pro Max” as Apple seems to have completely done away with the “Plus” moniker it’s been using since the iPhone 6 release a few years back. The smaller version with the 5.8-inch OLED is said to be called the iPhone 11 Pro, and a bunch of unexpected new details about the two phones leaker earlier on Thursday.

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