Apple to make iPhone 14 in India

STORY: Apple is going to start making its latest i phones in India.

The tech giant said Monday (September 26) that it would begin making the iPhone 14 in the country.

Analysts at J.P. Morgan expect about 5% of the handsets to be made there from late this year.

But they say that could rise to one in four iPhones by 2025.

Apple has been moving some production away from China amid mounting tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Strict health-crisis lockdowns also hit output there.

Apple has been investing significantly in India since 2017, when it first started making iPhones there.

That process was hampered by the health crisis, but with restrictions easing it and other firms are now pouring in again.

For now, analysts expect Apple to rely heavenly on Taiwanese firms like Hon Hai and Pegatron for parts.

But they expect the firm to qualify Indian suppliers over time.

Apple launched its flagship iPhone 14 earlier this month.

The new model is a relatively modest upgrade of earlier versions.