Photos: Leaked photo compilation for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

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We are less than day away from the expected unveiling of Apple’s newest iPhone -- well, likely iPhones -- and if the leaked images of the smartphones that have flooded tech blogs and news sites turn out to be accurate, there may not be a whole lot of surprises tomorrow.

Apple, once known for its secrecy on the development of new products, has seemingly been well exposed through months of leaked images of its new flagship iPhone, the iPhone 5S and cheaper model aimed at developing economies, the iPhone 5C. So, to ensure that you’ll likely be just as un-surprised as we will this Tuesday, we’ve compiled the best leaked pictures of these two devices for your gawking pleasure. Enjoy.

First, we have a series of photos of what is believed to be the iPhone 5S in new champagne and graphite colors, from teenage Apple super-sleuth Sonny Dickson. Much like 2011’s iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5S is expected to bring  hardware improvements to Apple’s current flagship phone, the iPhone 5, but no changes to the phone's design. 

The smartphone will come with a slightly faster processor and a bumped up camera, with an improved flash for low-light photography, per a report by ExtremeTech. The 5S is also expected to come with an improved display for “increased brightness and/or reduced power consumption" and will almost certainly ship with the newest version of Apple’s mobile software, iOS 7.

The photos below, meanwhile, show what looks to be a black boxed iPhone 5S. According to 9to5Mac, the large ring shown around the pictured phone’s home button could have something to do with the rumored fingerprint technology that’s believed to be a part of the 5S’s functionality.

This may not look like the most interesting leaked photo of the batch, but this one isn’t all about looks. According to aforementioned Apple stud Sonny Dickson, what’s shown here is believed to be the new physical home button component for the iPhone 5S,  with fingerprint-reading technology. As Jason Gilbert writes, Apple is more likely to use its fingerprint-sensing technology for locking and unlocking the phone, and not for authenticating mobile payments. 

Breaking its norms, Apple will reportedly release more than one iPhone this Tuesday. Leaked images like these, from the Chinese site WeiPhone,  have been surfacing all summer and show what will purportedly be called the iPhone 5C, offered in several color choices. Speculation remains that the iPhone 5S will bring an update in hardware, while the iPhone 5C will be introduced as a less expensive alternative. Per reports, the shell or casing of this version of the iPhone will be plastic, to save money, similar to the feel of the iPhone 3GS of years ago. 

Finally, this picture serves as possible further evidence that an iPhone 5C is, indeed, being produced by Apple. The image, showing a large box full of alleged iPhone 5C packaging materials, was posted to Chinese rumor site WeiPhone, as reported by Business Insider.

Of course, as always, rumors are sometimes just rumors, and leaked images can’t always be trusted; there’s always the possibility that we may still be surprised by what Apple has to show off Tuesday. Even beyond the expected iPhone presentations, there is still a chance Apple will make some announcements concerning their iPad and Apple TV devices. Be sure to check out our Yahoo News Live Chat covering the event tomorrow at 1 PM ET so you won't miss any of it.

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