Apple’s new iPod nano looks ‘uncomfortably familiar’

Why the iWatch could be the final nail in the iPod’s coffin

There has been plenty of talk recently about various companies — namely Samsung (005930) — copying Apple’s (AAPL) designs, but as BGR has pointed out in the past, some of Apple’s designs are borrowed as well. Revisiting the topic once again, Reddit user future_proof on Wednesday drew attention to the fact that the new iPod nano unveiled during Apple’s press conference looks “uncomfortably familiar.”

Nokia (NOK) was widely praised last year for the sleek and original design of its first flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 800. That design identity was carried forward in the Lumia 900 and Lumia 920, and Apple’s own lawyers used Nokia’s Lumia phones in court as an example of smartphones that did not copy Apple’s designs.

Fast forward to Wednesday’s unveiling of the new iPod nano, and it looks as though Apple liked Nokia’s Lumia design even more than we thought.

Earlier versions of Apple’s iPod nano did employ a similar flattened barrel design, however the new nano widens the design and adds a touchscreen surrounded by a larger glass area that extends almost to the edges of the device’s face.

The result, it would seem, is basically a Lumia with a home button.

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