Apple Music Comes to Sonos

Apple Music, the on-demand music jukebox from Cupertino, is now compatible with WiFi-enabled Sonos speakers.

Just in time for the new Sonos Play:5: Apple Music customers will now be able to stream music on WiFi-enabled Sonos speakers. Since launching in July this year on iPhones, tablets, and computers, Apple Music has grown to be available for users of any compatible Android device or Windows computer. This is the service's first integration with a specific third-party hardware manufacturer. Sonos speakers cull together all order of streaming media and locally stored music files, meaning that you can conveniently control all your music from one location: the Sonos app on your phone.

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The partnership makes sense: With the development of its iPhone app, Sonos started selling more speakers and no longer had to make a standalone controller for its customers — volume, track selection, playlist selection, and the like can be steered from within the app, over the Internet. Meanwhile, Apple gets to communicate that its would-be Spotify killer is integrated directly into a popular line of WiFi-enabled speakers that plenty of people already have in their homes. After all, the Play:5 sounds great.

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But Spotify is the name to beat in the streaming music space, and Apple has some catching up to do. Right now, some 6.5 million people pay for Apple Music, as compared to Spotify's 20 million paying subscribers. Even with Spotify's nine-year head start in the streaming space, Apple's move with the speaker manufacturer might help it gain some more traction.

If you'd like to get started streaming Apple Music to your own Sonos speakers, you can sign up for the public beta here. The integration formally launches on December 15.


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