Apple responds to criticism of App Store by highlighting reports on developers’ earnings

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Apple has defended itself against ongoing criticism of the App Store by pointing to the earnings of developers.

The company has faced sustained objections to its control over the store, which is the only way to get games and apps onto the iPhone and iPad.

Some developers have argued that control means that Apple is able to exercise unfair control over the App Store, including the 30 per cent cut that it takes from every transaction that is made on it.

It has now pointed to new research that showed the UK app economy on Apple‘s iOS mobile platform saw record growth in 2021, supporting more than 440,000 jobs - more than anywhere else in Europe, the technology giant has said.

A new report on Apple‘s App Store and its economy said the earnings of smaller UK app developers have grown by 84 per cent in the last two years, with the number of smaller developers joining the App Store up by 40 per cent.

The App Store is home to 1.8 million apps for use on the iPhone and iPad, and Apple says it is visited by 600 million people every week.

According to the analysis, while earnings for all developers have risen in the last two years, smaller creators who have been active on the Store since 2019 have seen their revenue more than double.

Apple said the Covid-19 pandemic has played a part in this revenue growth, as more businesses turned to apps for vital communication, work and education tools during lockdown restrictions and the shift to at-home and hybrid working and socialising.

“The UK is home to some of the world’s most exciting developers, and we’re thrilled that the sector has continued to thrive, leading the way in Europe and supporting a record number of jobs,” Christopher Moser, Apple‘s senior director of the App Store, said.

“Apps developed by talented, innovative UK developers are used by millions of people to help them live, work, and play.

“Apple is proud to play a part in their success, and we look forward to supporting them as they reach new heights.”

Additional reporting by Press Association