Apple, Samsung dominate J.D. Power’s smartphone satisfaction poll

Apple’s end goal: Cripple Samsung’s ability to profit from smartphones

Apple and Samsung don’t only have the most profitable smartphone businesses — they also have the most satisfied customers. The latest survey of American consumers from J.D. Power shows that iPhone users are the most satisfied customers at Verizon and AT&T while Samsung Galaxy users were the most satisfied customers at Sprint and T-Mobile. J.D. Power seemingly conducted its survey of American wireless consumers before T-Mobile started selling the iPhone to its customers earlier this year so we don’t yet know whether Samsung will remain the preferred smartphone brand for T-Mobile users going forward.

HTC and Nokia both also fared reasonably well in the survey depending on the carrier. Nokia finished in second place behind Apple in the AT&T survey, for instance, while HTC finished third on three of the four carriers. The one manufacturer that consistently drew low marks across most carriers was BlackBerry, which finished in last place in customer satisfaction in three of the four major carriers. Given that J.D. Power surveyed these customers before T-Mobile got the iPhone this past spring, however, it’s fair to note that many of these unsatisfied customers might have been using legacy BlackBerry devices and not new BlackBerry 10 models.

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