Apple Vision Pro VR headset launch coming in February 2024

Apple is reportedly ramping up production to meet its goal launch date (Apple)
Apple is reportedly ramping up production to meet its goal launch date (Apple)

Apple aims to launch its upcoming mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, by February 2024 – and is ramping up production to do so.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple has increased production to a full tilt in an effort to ensure the Vision Pro is ready in around two months' time. The Vision Pro was introduced in June, 2023, with a promise of launching it in 2024.

This has now been specified as February 2024 if Bloomberg is to be believed, while earlier rumours offered dates anywhere between January and March.

The Vision Pro will be limited to the United States for its initial launch and exclusively sold by Apple, either in-store or online. This is largely due to Apple wanting to ensure users have the right headband size and Light Seal for an optimised experience and fit.

Without an appropriately tight fit, the Vision Pro won't block out all ambient and external light, impacting the quality of the visuals. Users who wear glasses will need custom Zeiss prescription lenses, which Apple plans to assemble within its retail locations.

In order to assist all customers, Apple will be kitting out the Vision Pro in the majority of its American retail locations, with plans for displays and demonstrations of the headset in many of them. That's a large ask, with all the different-sized headbands and Light Seals necessary, so it's perhaps no wonder that production needed to ramp up a gear to meet the February timeline.

Apple employees are already being trained in how the Vision Pro functions, what features will be most interesting to customers, and how to attach and adjust the headband, Light Seal, and prescription lenses as required.

To assist them, Bloomberg also reports that there will be an app that can scan a person's face and recommend the right accessories. However, this will always need to be checked by a human employee.

For those interested in the Vision Pro, it will set you back a hefty $3,500 (around £2,800), with a limited supply expected for the launch. While Apple has always been associated with exclusivity when releasing new products, the launch for the Vision Pro takes this to new heights.

It's expected that further units will be produced if initial demand is high enough. What's more, it has been rumoured that a cheaper version of the Vision Pro will launch at the end of 2024 – although that's not yet confirmed.