Apple's event on April 20: What to expect

Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley joins Kristin Myers and Alexis Christoforous to break down what to expect from Apple's April 20th event.

Video Transcript

KRISTIN MYERS: Welcome back. There's a new Apple event happening on Tuesday and we have Yahoo Finance's tech editor Dan Howley here to give us a preview. Hi, Dan. What's going to happen on 4/20 with Apple?

DAN HOWLEY: Elon Musk will probably be sparking some attention on 4/20. But Apple will be hosting its event. This is going to be primarily what we imagine to be an iPad-focused event. That's because we've been hearing tons of rumors about iPads getting an update, mostly from the iPad's Pro. Those could get chips that are as powerful as the M1 chips that Apple has made and put in to its MacBooks and its Mac Mini line.

We could also see some of the iPad Pros get Thunderbolt ports. Those are basically upgraded USBC ports. No, it doesn't mean if you had an other iPad Pro, you need another cable. It only means you need another cable if you want to take advantage of the Thunderbolt capabilities which include turning another screen into a secondary monitor connected to your iPad.

Beyond the iPad, though, we're expecting to see perhaps some updates to the AirPods. They could be the AirPods 3. Not a new line of AirPods Pro, but these could have shorter stems where the microphones are. And they could have silicon tips now that go into your-- make them a little more comfy. Don't expect active noise cancellation, though. That's something that's reserved for the higher priced AirPods Pro.

And then we could also see things along the lines of some new features in iOS 14.5. That is probably going to launch then. That's big news because that comes with the controversial app Transparency Tracking. That's a feature that when you install a new app or you open an app, it will ask you if you want to be tracked across different apps and websites. Facebook is pushing against that. But it should launch that day, we're hoping.

KRISTIN MYERS: All right, thanks so much, Dan. I know that you're going to give us all of the updates after the event. I don't know if you're going down to the store. I don't know if those days are long behind us, thanks to the pandemic. All right, so then you're going to stay at home. All right, thanks so much, Dan.