Approval rating for Trump's coronavirus response drops again, poll shows

Americans are becoming less impressed with President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic as the months go by, a new poll from Monmouth University shows.

Since Monmouth began asking the question in March, Trump's approval rating specifically for how he's handled the pandemic has dropped from 50 percent to 46 percent in April to 42 percent in May. And, for the first time, more than half of those surveyed believe he's doing a "bad job."

Congress' numbers also dipped 3 percentage points, while the media and governors mostly held steady when it comes to how they've handled the situation. The poll's big winner, though, is the American public. In the previous two polls, only 38 percent of those surveyed approved of how their fellow Americans had responded to the pandemic, but that rating has jumped to 51 percent.

The Monmouth University poll was conducted over the phone between April 30 and May 4 and included a random sample of 808 adults living in the United States. The margin of error was 3.5 percentage points. Read more here.

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