Approximately 2K Garland Renters Still Have No Water

About 35 apartment are impacted, reporting broken pipes and plumbing issues.

Video Transcript

- Temperatures in the 80s today, certainly a far cry from last week's historic cold. And in Garland right now, there's a big demand for bottled water. That's because thousands of Garland residents still are having issues with their water supply after last week's winter storms. Here's our Erin Jones.

ERIN JONES: She's a mother of two boys on day nine without water.

SLOAN GLAUDE: Every day it just gets a little worse, and a little worse.

ERIN JONES: Sloan Glaude using water from a 10-gallon bucket to flush the toilet, bottled water for brushing teeth, washing hands and staying hydrated, and body wipes for showers.

SLOAN GLAUDE: Because the apartment is giving us two bottles of water per family. That's what they've told us so far. They really-- we've gotten like two emails saying, we're working on it. We don't know when the water will be back on.

ERIN JONES: She's just one of around 2,000 Garland renters currently experiencing this-- complexes reporting broken pipes and plumbing issues.

- You know, we're not able to shower. I have two small children. My kids are in school, and I had to go somewhere else just to take them a shower to go to school today. It's ridiculous.

ERIN JONES: The city of Garland tells us they're in desperate need of bottled water donations. Currently about 35 apartment complexes don't have any water services. Large donations can be dropped off at the Nicholson Memorial Library. Small donations can be dropped off at Intrinsic Smokehouse, or Rosalind Coffee in the square.

RICH AUBIN: No, I've let folks know that if they have a need at their complex for bottled water to let us know, so that we can get it delivered out to their complex, because--

ERIN JONES: Garland City Councilman Rich Aubin, who represents District 5, says the city is working to provide Porta Potties.

RICH AUBIN: I've had people reaching out to me with plumbers who have availability. We've been passing those names along to the complexes.

ERIN JONES: Glaude says she's trying to remain optimistic, hoping this will all be over soon.

SLOAN GLAUDE: It could be worse. I know that hopefully, eventually, it will come back on.

ERIN JONES: In Garland, Erin Jones, "CBS 11 News."

- Some apartment complexes are making progress in restoring water service. Yesterday, 70 complexes in all were having water issues. Today that number we're told is down to 35. The city says, in a perfect situation, the issue could be fixed in the next couple of days, we'll hope. But they also say, there's no guarantee right now.