April Picks on Paramount+

So much to stream, so little time. Enjoy our top April picks on Paramount+. Now Streaming.

Video Transcript

- I'm ready!


- This April on Paramount+--

- I wanted to contribute.

- --big things are kicking off.

- How do you always know what I need?

- This is so much live coverage and live events, you'll flip out.


- This is critically acclaimed originals that are up-to-date--

- It's time for some big news.

- --on the edge--

- Don't mess with me.

- --and under the sea.

- I love my life.

- How's the FBI? You livin' the dream?

- Come here--


- Just watch me!

- There's new episodes to make you laugh, scream--


--and hold your breath.

- In fact, I'm counting on it.

- This is over 30,000 hit episodes and movies to totally obsess over.

- High five!


- That's a lot of hits.

- Which is fantastic!

- This is live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment.

- OK, here we go!


- This is our moment!

- Paramount+, now streaming.