This aquarium wants you to video chat their eels

The eels at one Tokyo aquarium are

so lonely, they’re in danger of

forgetting humans even exist.

Workers at Japan’s Sumida Aquarium have asked the public to consider speaking to

the ocean predators via video chat.

They haven’t had sufficient human

contact since the aquarium closed...

due to social distancing restrictions

in the beginning of March.

“They don’t see humans, except keepers,

and they have started forgetting about

humans,” the aquarium tweeted this week.

“Garden eels, in particular, disappear into

the sand and hide every time the keepers

pass by,” the tweet continued.

“Here is an urgent request. Could you show your face to our garden eels from home?”.

Aquarium workers have set up five

tablets facing the tanks so people can use

video chat to greet the slippery fellows.

Virtual visitors can wave or call out

to the eels using an iPad or iPhone

for five minutes at a time