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Tuesday 19, November

Today's Last Quarter Moon puts the focus on relationship themes. You have a huge heart of gold and this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your significant others or the friends you adore most. Any previous doubts are being replaced with renewed faith and optimism in the power of love.

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Monday 18, November

You have every right to just tell people to leave you alone so you can finally wrap up some long-overdue project deadlines, darling. You can certainly feel the pressure mounting as the Moon lights up your work zone and Mercury finishes his retrograde phase over the next few days. Buckle down.

Sunday 17, November

The Moon is in Cancer again today, pushing lunar beams through your house of work and wellness until the evening. Find the right balance between self-care and prep for the coming week. Go for a yoga class, de-stress, and then make your to-do list for the intense week ahead.

Saturday 16, November

With the Moon in Cancer today, it's time to focus on what makes you feel healthy. Make sure you schedule in yoga, meditation, or any other self-care modality that can bring you back to balance. This is the moment when you must release the stress of the last workweek, so it doesn't burrow into your cells for the long haul.

Friday 15, November

The Moon moves from your romance zone to your house of work and wellness over the course of the day. That might feel kind of backwards in terms of the calendar, but there is an upside. As the weekend begins you can prioritize healthy living - take that yoga class and drink that green juice like it's your job, Aquarius.

Thursday 14, November

The planet of romance is in a square formation with Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion. Your own perspective is all that determines how you can deal with this aspect. On one hand, it could have you chasing rainbows and unicorns that aren't really there, but on the other, it can help you tap into the deepest depths of your own creativity.

Wednesday 13, November

The communication planet is further complicating the astrological landscape today, Aquarius. With Mercury aspecting both Saturn and Neptune, nothing makes sense, and the harder you try to make order out of chaos, the more confusing it gets. Give your mind a rest and get back to it in a few days.

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