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Thursday 19, September

Mars and Pluto are cranking up the astro-power to a whole new level today. If things feel extra intense and you can't detach from your emotions, this is probably why. The planet of transformation is in your house of dreams, kicking your psyche into overdrive. Be kind to yourself, because this is actually good for you, even if it feels overwhelming.

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Wednesday 18, September

Your traditional ruling planet (Saturn) goes direct after a long five-month retrograde today. This will wake up your psyche and make your emotions a lot clearer than they've been since last spring. Even if it hurts a bit, trust that it's clearing the way for your creative greatness.

Tuesday 17, September

The Moon is in Taurus right now and that means your house of home is activated. This is really sweet energy for connecting to family or friends that feel like family, Aquarius. If you haven't reached out in some time, this is the right moment to make that connection.

Monday 16, September

It's all about communicating clearly and coherently this Monday, with a touch of fire. With the Moon in Aries lighting up your house of talking, texting and thinking, your mind is alive with ideas and you've got to get them out of your system. You're incredibly passionate but some might find you cutting and intense.

Sunday 15, September

The stars are all about the pursuit of pleasure at the moment, Aquarius. The only caveat is to avoid being reckless in your impulses. The creative energy and need to speak your mind is real. Say what is in your heart but do be mindful of how it will land on the other person.

Saturday 14, September

The stars are stacking up in your house of travel and inspiration over the next few weeks, Aquarius. Starting today, love planet Venus and communication planet Mercury light up your house of adventure and higher consciousness. Use this energy to focus on your desires and wise teachings.

Friday 13, September

The Moon lights up your house of money and finance and in a big way. Even though she's not officially full until very early tomorrow morning, you can definitely feel the emotions building up, making you want to save or spend in an emotional way. Pay attention to your intuitive hunches now.

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