Arby’s fires employee who put homophobic slur on couple’s receipt, restaurant says

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An employee at an Arby’s restaurant in Indiana was promptly fired after a couple noticed a homophobic slur typed on their receipt.

“So this just happened at Arby’s!” Craig Gray said on Facebook on Sunday with a picture of the receipt. “Happy Pride, huh?”

McClatchy News is not naming the slur, which has a long history of being an offensive word in the gay community.

Gray said there was “confusion and really, just shock” upon seeing the word on the receipt.

“Nothing like that’s ever happened,” Gray told WTHR.

A spokesperson for Arby’s said the employee was fired “within minutes of management becoming aware of the incident.”

“Arby’s has zero tolerance for discriminatory speech of any kind,” the Arby’s spokesperson said in a statement to McClatchy News. “The actions of the franchised employee were unacceptable and not reflective of our brand values.”

John Burns, Gray’s partner of 17 years, said he was not hurt by the incident but spoke out to raise awareness about discrimination, according to WTHR.

Pride Lafayette commended Arby’s for firing the employee, but said the cycle needs to stop.

“When marriage was legalized, homophobia was not erased,” the organization wrote on Facebook. “We as members of the LGBT community are consistently reminded that there is still so much education and work to do. It is awful that this happened at all, but during Pride month it cuts a bit deeper.”

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