This Is What Arby's Meat Mountain Really Looks Like

This Is What Arby's Meat Mountain Really Looks Like


The Wire was so excited by the Meat Mountain sandwich that we went out to try it. Check out our report here.

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Today we're getting word of a secret sandwich looming out of sight on the Arby's secret menu. At $10, it's called the Meat Mountain and it has an unfathomable line-up of ingredients. Local lore has it that the sadistic sandwich was created after customers wanted to eat the company's advertising. See below:

There are only a few pictures of the sandwich floating around in the ether:

Over at Business Insider, Ashley Lutz guesstimated something of a calorie count, which it should be noted, is less than a Chipotle burrito with steak, guac, sour cream, and cheese.

Look on it and despair, America. 

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