Arcane: 5 things we want to see in the League of Legends Netflix series

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There are less than two weeks left until the premiere of Arcane, the upcoming League of Legends animated series on Netflix. The hype around the series is building up, with Riot showing a short teaser at Worlds 2021 last Friday (22 October) then releasing a sneak peek of a song for the series; "Enemy" by Imagine Dragons on Monday (25 October). 

With so many Easter eggs and secrets to be revealed in the series, we can't wait to see what the show has in store for us. Read on for five things we're excited to see in Arcane:

The conflict between Jinx and Vi

(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

Through the years, League of Legends has often highlighted the hostility between Jinx and Vi. In most of her voice lines, Jinx made fun of Vi and taunted the Piltover Enforcer in all of her antics at the topside. Still, players were previously only able to theorize the reasons why. 

After Riot recently confirmed that the two were actually sisters and that Vi took care of Jinx growing up, more questions arose: Why did they hate each other? What tore them apart?

What's even more mysterious is that Jinx's personality is entirely different in the trailers of the series compared to the game. Instead of her usual manic, impulsive, and bright purple-eyed self, she seemed more serious, angrier, and very much blue-eyed in all trailers of Arcane. Her lore always hinted that her traumatic past set her off, but the reason why has never been revealed.

We're looking forward to the series finally answering all of our questions about the two sisters.

Viktor's transformation and his feud with Jayce

(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

Viktor and Jayce are two more characters in League of Legends that have always been in perpetual conflict. 

But while most fans know the story behind what caused their disagreement, their disagreement is pivotal to the plot of Arcane. 

Moreover, the series gives us our first glimpse of Viktor's human features. It will be fascinating to watch how he began to act on his ideals and depart from Piltover before gradually upgrading his body with steel and science.

Silco, Vander, and the theories surrounding the two of them

(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

There are some similarities between some existing League of Legends champions and certain characters from Arcane, so unravelling the mystery surrounding them will be thrilling.

Silco, the main antagonist of the series, shares some uncanny similarities with the champion Singed. Both have one side of their face scarred and have an odd-coloured eye. 

While Silco looks younger, both are Zaunite Alchemists that seem to have a penchant for dangerous experiments, most of which involved a green liquid familiar to Singed's experiments.

On the other hand, Vander had fans split on who he is, but many say that his profile fits the current champion Warwick. Warwick is an experiment of Singed who doesn't remember his real name or past, except that he used to be a Zaunite Gangster. 

There are two unsettling things about Vander. First, the chem tank in Vander's poster looks almost exactly like the tank used for Singed’s experiments. Secondly, clips from the most recent Arcane teaser had an explosion with Vander and young Vi and Jinx present in it. This fits Warwick's very few and painful memories involving an explosion and a little girl screaming out something that sounded like a name.

Of course, these are all just observations and theories, and we will only find out more about these two characters in the series.

Champion cameos

(Photo: Riot Games)
(Photo: Riot Games)

We love it when our favourite characters make an appearance, whether it's a cameo or a reference. And many other LoL champions are from Piltover and Zaun, so we'd like to see a glimpse of them! Most people expect the likes of Ekko, Blitzcrank, Dr Mundo, Ezreal, and many others to appear. 

However, it's more likely that we may find Ekko and Blitzcrank in the story since their lore is intertwined with the confirmed main characters.

The reveal of the new League of Legends champion

(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
(Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

Earlier this year, Riot announced that they will also release a new champion from Arcane. The character will be an AD carry Marksman from Zaun who will have a significant role in the series. 

Not much is known about this new champion even if fans say that it may be the character with the hoverboard and mask. It will be very nice to see what role this new champion plays, and what potential moves they may have in the game.

We're looking forward to more things in the series and the first act is just around the corner. Arcane's first three episodes will be available on Netflix on 6 November, just after the League of Legends World Championship grand finals of 2021 conclude.

After the show's premiere, fans can expect three episodes a week over the next two weeks. Here is the episode release schedule for the Arcane series:

  • Act 1 (Episodes 1 - 3) - 6 November

  • Act 2 (Episodes 4 - 6) - 13 November

  • Act 3 (Episodes 7 - 9) - 20 November

Arcane will be released worldwide via the Netflix streaming platform and will be available on Twitch for Co-streaming. The series will also be available in China via Tencent Video as part of Tencent's partnership with Riot Games.

For everything you need to know about Arcane, check here.

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