Archbold Living-Cairo opens its doors to the public

Sep. 18—CAIRO- Archbold Living- Cairo was abuzz on Sunday afternoon when the new 66,000-square-foot facility opened its doors for a tour and ribbon cutting.

The nursing home, which is connected to Archbold Grady, will begin accepting residents in October. The facility boasts both private and semi-private bedrooms for residents, a dining hall, a hair salon, a chapel and an activity room. This one-of-a-kind living space for Cairo residents needing around-the-clock care is just what Cairo has been asking for, according to the Administrative Director of Archbold Living- Cairo, Tina Bates.

"I'm overwhelmed," Bates admitted of the reaction from the public Sunday.

Director of Nursing for Archbold Living- Cairo Felicia Stoddard concurred, saying she was also feeling overwhelmed by the public's reaction.

"I knew there would be a lot of people coming out, but it's amazing to see the community's support," she said.

Stoddard and Bates both said the massive turnout was a reflection of how long Cairo had been wanting a quality nursing home.

"We feel so privileged to get to be a part of this project and be trusted with this project," said Bates. "It's a big deal."

Construction on the massive project began last year after Archbold received a Certificate of Need (CON) for Grady County. After receiving their CON, Archbold had to delay the project several times due to supply chain issues, following COVID-19, but when the day of completion finally arrived, everyone was excited to celebrate, including the public, who had already begun applying to live at Archbold Living- Cairo.

"The people who will live here will need constant nursing care," Bates explained. "Some will be short term, while some will be long term."

Being connected to Archbold Grady gives Archbold Living-Cairo an advantage, as they can accept direct referrals from right next door.

"The hospital will contact us and give us all the information and we will see if we can meet their needs," Bates said.

Putting the resident's needs first is part of the ultimate goal in Bates and Stoddard's long-term mission of becoming one of the best long-term care facilities in the state of Georgia.

"We patterned it after other Archbold Living facilities," Bates said. "Everything you see here is common in most nursing homes, but this is just on a much grander scale."

While the main goal is to meet the needs of the individuals in Grady County, Bates and Stoddard do anticipate receiving referrals from out-of-town family members, who have connections to Grady County.

Stoddard said Archbold Living-Cairo would like to begin moving in residents by October 2nd but is currently completing several regulatory compliances.

"I would like to have everyone in by October, but we will just have to see," she said.

Stoddard and Bates are already in the process of reviewing applications. Each applicant's family will also be contacted by the Archbold Living- Cairo business office to ensure they understand the financial aspects of moving in and that all needs for their loved one are being met.

For every 20 residents, there will be one nurse with additional CNAs on hand to help out when needed.

"Archbold staffs their nursing homes way higher than what is required by the state," Bates assured. "That's very encouraging. It's usually 2.5 nurses for every 20 patients, but ours will be more like 3.5 nurses."

With constant attention from nurses and staff, residents at Archbold Living-Cairo can feel sound in their decision to move there but also enjoy the daily activities found in their vibrant social calendar.

Bates said residents will enjoy regular offerings of BINGO, and Uno, excursions to Thomasville and hopefully visits from local church children.

"We just have so many exciting ideas, and we are just really excited to not only bring back people to Grady County, but jobs," Stoddard concluded.

Archbold Living-Cairo is still accepting residential applications for their October move-in date. Those interested may apply online at