Area 51 raid – live updates: Alien hunters arrive near base amid official warnings and fears of ‘humanitarian disaster’

Andrew Griffin
A man takes a picture of a sign at the Little A'Le'Inn during an event inspired by the "Storm Area 51" internet hoax, Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019: AP Photo/John Locher

Alien-hunters are arriving near Area 51 after a viral craze that saw them commit to storm the mysterious US military base.

A variety of events are taking place to mark the weekend, including music festivals in a variety of locations. But some appear to be still committed to at least getting close to the base's famous military gates, coming near enough to snap selfies alongside the warnings of how violently the base will be protected.

The parties come amid warnings from the US military to anyone who might think of actually trying to breach the base's defences. There have also been dire warnings from local, who have suggested that visitors might not be able to cope in a town in a harsh environment with no grocery store and little cellular coverage.

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