Area police departments seeing benefits of crime-fighting tool’s pilot program

A pilot program helping law enforcement agencies in the state solve crimes faster using increased and automated technology is now extended.

the TALEN program will not last through June of next year and News Center 7′s Mike Campbell spoke with one chief enrolled in the program who sees major benefits.

The attorney general’s program uses Fusus technology.

It allows police to solve crimes faster using all kinds of data, especially feeds from public and private cameras.

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“It does the job we already do, just in a more efficient way,” John Sedlak, police chief of the Miamisburg Police Department said.

Sedlak is excited about the program and happy Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost extended the pilot program.

His department is still building out the capacity of the program, but he explained all the data sources go into what’s called the FususCORE.

Camera feeds from public and private cameras as well as other data that can be helpful during an emergency.

“You have mapping, floor plans, a wide variety of things,” Sedlak said.

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He said all the combined information can be sent to officers in their cruisers, as they respond to emergency calls in real-time.

“I think the technology is cool, I’d like to see where it does, I’m all about expanding technology and if it can help solve crimes, I think it’s neat,” Michael Gross of Miamisburg said.

Fusus uses public cameras but businesses and homeowners can sign up for surveillance and doorbell cameras.

they control how much access police agencies can have.

“That’s important too, you don’t want someone looking at your camera all loosey-goosey, as long as you control it’s okay,” Gross said.

Miamisburg is one of a handful of police departments in Montgomery County enrolled in this program, including Dayton.

They are building out their capacity and believe it will help solve crimes faster, maybe even stop some while they’re still in progress.