Argentines experience Frida Kahlo's immersive art

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STORY: "A woman who had many things to express, to say and to bring out from within herself, she ended up doing it by taking care of her creativity, using her paintings, her imagination and a whole lyrical world that we have to thank her for having opened up that world for us," the executive producer of exhibition Marlene Kerschen described the characters of Frida.

Full of bright and colorful projections that bring the art of Frida's work to life, attendees in Buenos Aires are immediately surrounded by Kahlo's famous paintings like the 'Two Fridas', 'Me and My Parrots' and 'Diego on my mind’.

The walk-through digital art installation celebrating Kahlo's life will stay in Argentina’s capital until March.

Kahlo began painting as a teenager while convalescing from a horrific tram crash in 1925. The accident and a legacy of childhood polio left her in constant physical pain and unable to have children.

Taking to painting as a means of self-expression, Kahlo's suffering is depicted in her very raw works.

Although her art did not get much recognition in her lifetime, she has since broken auction records. In 2016, her 'Two Nudes In A Forest' painting sold for over $8 million.