Ari Melber Breaks Down The Tactic That Trump Keeps Using To Trick His Base

Lee Moran

Ari Melber on Tuesday explained why President Donald Trump keeps “literally creating the appearance of a problem so that he alone can solve it.”

The host of MSNBC’s “The Beat” noted how Trump had recently adopted the “head-fake” tactic when announcing imminent raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on undocumented immigrant families, tariffs on goods imported from Mexico and military action against Iran.

“It often begins with some kind of tough talk, then a reaction, concern over the public plan announced by a president, but often, in the end, it doesn’t happen,” said Melber. “Tweet, hype, but then fold.”

But it was “more than simply playing for distraction,” said Melber.

“The message itself can be the political playoff,” he continued. “Donald Trump’s base wants to hear about ICE raids, about people being round up, so he gave them days of that message and perception. He may have already decided nothing was going to actually happen, but he gave his people some of the politics they want to hear.”

Melber later suggested it was all about Trump getting “the red meat to the base,” but then “knowingly not acting on the planned threat.”

Check out the clip above.


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