Ariana Grande Breaks Free From Capitalism, Endorses Bernie Sanders

Claire Shaffer

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Ariana Grande gave a ringing endorsement of Vermont senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

The pop star shared two photos of her posing with Sanders and giving him a hug. “MY GUY. thank you Senator Sanders for coming to my show, making my whole night and for all that you stand for !” Grande wrote. “@headcountorg and i are doing our best to make you proud. we’ve already registered 20k+ young voters at my shows alone. also i will never smile this hard again promise.”

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Sanders shared the photos himself and added, “I want to thank @ArianaGrande for not only being a wonderful entertainer, but also for being such an outstanding advocate for social justice. We must all be prepared — like Ariana has shown — to fight for everyone who is struggling. It was great to meet her in Atlanta last night.”

Left Twitter was quick to jump on the posts, uncovering an old tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who once tweeted a “Progressive policies as an Ariana dance party” set list.

If you’re shocked at all by Grande’s endorsement of a democratic socialist candidate, consider that she once licked a doughnut and said “I hate America” — an iconic protest against capitalism if there ever was one.



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