Arianna Fitts Missing Case: Family Clings To Hope That Missing Toddler Arianna Fitts Is Still Alive

Family Clings To Hope That Missing Toddler Arianna Fitts Is Still Alive

Video Transcript

TESS FITTS: There's no way I ever thought that it would take five years to find her.

KANDISS CRONE: Tess Fitts is still struggling with the fact that her niece, Arianna Fitts, hasn't been seen since February, 2016, when she went missing out of San Francisco at the age of two. This is a sketch of what Arianna might look like today, five years after her disappearance.

On top of that, this week marks five years since Arianna's mother Nicole was found dead. FBI investigators don't believe Arianna was with her mom when she was killed, but their quest for answers continues.

TESS FITTS: You know, I still-- I absolutely still remain hopeful. I do believe that she is alive.

KANDISS CRONE: Just days before the child was last seen, authorities found her mother's body in a South San Francisco park. There are lots of questions still surrounding her mother's death, but on the anniversary of Arianna's disappearance, authorities are turning to the LA area for clues. They believe witnesses may have moved from the Bay Area to Southern California, and want to find anyone who saw or may know what happened to Arianna.

- I would like to hear Arianna's his voice again.

KANDISS CRONE: FBI investigators told us they have some leads they are pursuing, but would not go into detail as to not jeopardize the case. Arianna's aunt thinks her sister's death and niece's disappearance are related.

TESS FITTS: For that to happen to her along with her kid being gone, there's just-- there's just no way that it's-- that it's not related.

KANDISS CRONE: And San Francisco police are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, and Nicole's killer as well as the person responsible for Arianna's disappearance. If you have any information, call the FBI. In Westwood, Kandiss Crone, KCAL9 News.