Ariel Roblin: Thanksgiving generosity from our community is something special

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season we pause to be thankful for what we have right now – right in this moment. Health, family, friends, colleagues and our pets always top our lists. In the end – it's not the stuff – It's the connections and our ability to connect that bring us the most joy. No one's life is perfect but just having even one connection can make all difference. It's about being present for each other and making sure others know that whatever difficulty may come there is always a reason to hang in there for each other. And what we know for sure about our community is there is always a hero ready to rise up and meet the need. The KCRA/My58 Turkey Drive was a great example of this. At a time when turkeys cost double the price from one year ago our community donated over 16,000 turkeys, surpassing last year by over 500 turkeys. One person in our community even gifted $100,000 to help purchase Thanksgiving dinner for those in need.