Arizona eases virus rules for businesses, baseball

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday lifted coronavirus-related capacity restrictions at gyms, restaurants and other businesses and said he'll allow Major League Baseball to hold spring training games. (March 5)

Video Transcript

- Today, Governor Ducey issued Executive Order 2021-05. This is the next phase of COVID-19 mitigation. It removes the capacity limitation that was placed on certain establishments, but requires all other mitigation strategies to remain in effect.

So that includes physical distancing of, at least, six feet, ensuring that patrons and staff are wearing masks, the enhanced infection, and disinfecting, and sanitation protocols. And it also allows spring training and Major League sports to operate with an approved plan for mitigation strategies by the Department of Health services to be in place and followed.

CARA CHRIST: So I work very closely with the governor's team on these mitigation strategies and really felt that the mitigation strategies that we had outlined in our documents for each of those individual establishments could be maintained without the capacity limits. So as long as we are requiring the six feet of physical distancing, and the mask wearing, and those other things that we've put in there, we felt comfortable.