Arizona Gov., GOP lawmaker assail US border policy

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is lashing out at Biden Administration immigration policy as the cause of a surge in migrant children along the U.S. border with Mexico. Ducey toured a border area Friday with Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida. (March 19)

Video Transcript

DOUG DUCEY: Secretary Mayorkas announced earlier this week that we're on pace to reach the highest number of apprehensions at the border in the last 20 years. The administration at all levels should state clearly that our borders are not open and the amnesty law has not changed and that immigrants seeking a better life or more economic opportunity should not be attempting to utilize the asylum process. Otherwise, the flow of unvetted migrants into our state will continue to grow.

RICK SCOTT: Joe Biden needs to get down here to the border and look at exactly what he's done and do everything he can to secure this border. His actions are putting people at risk. They're putting American citizens at risk. He's putting border patrol agents at risk, and he's putting children that are coming across this border when they shouldn't be coming across this border at risk.