Arizona governor signs bill to stop critical race theory training in government

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Friday to prevent government employees in the state from being required to learn about critical race theory.

The measure "prohibits the state and any local governments from requiring their employees to engage in orientation, training or therapy that suggest an employee is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously," according to a statement from Ducey's office.

“When I took office, I vowed to use taxpayer dollars responsibly, and funding training on political commentary is not responsible spending,” Ducey said. “I am not going to waste public dollars on lessons that imply the superiority of any race and hinder free speech."


H.B. 2906 passed the Arizona state House on June 25 in a 31-25 vote and the Senate in a 16-12 vote on June 30.

Ducey signed another bill aimed at critical race theory last week.

"That law ensures that students cannot be taught that one race, ethnic group or sex is in any way superior to another, or that anyone should be discriminated against on the basis of these characteristics," Ducey's office said.

The law carries a fine of up to $5,000 for schools that violate the law.

There is disagreement between Republicans and Democrats on critical race theory.

"This first-in-the-nation legislation banning critical race theory at all levels of government makes Arizona the national leader in combating this divisive curriculum,” said state Rep. Jake Hoffman, a Republican sponsor of the CRT bill.

Democratic state Sen. Martin Quezada argued against the legislation in May, saying it barred educators from having "uncomfortable conversations" surrounding critical race theory.


"They aren’t supposed to make you feel good," Quezada said. "That’s the point of these conversations."

The Republican governor's approval of the legislation comes as at least 26 states have introduced bills or taken steps to restrict the teaching of critical race theory, which examines racism throughout history, maintaining it is systemic within law and policies, in public school classrooms.

So far, six other states have passed legislation banning the principles of critical race theory, including Idaho, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, and New Hampshire.

Arizona and Idaho are the only states that explicitly mention "critical race theory" in bills limiting its teaching, as other states have focused more specifically on barring educators from teaching that the country, certain people, or institutions are inherently racist.

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