Arizona Police Officers Surprise Elderly Tucson Resident With a Mobility Scooter

Two officers from the Tucson Police Department (TPD) in Arizona made life a little easier for a community member on March 10 when they gave him a mobility scooter.

Footage released by the TPD shows Officer Fedor and Officer Stout delivering the gift to its surprised recipient, Frank.

While on patrol duty, Officer Fedor developed a relationship with a local business center and its frequent customers, including Frank, according to Division Captain Colin King.

After noticing Frank’s declining health and walking ability, King said, “Fedor took it upon himself to research and organize a scooter donation. After MANY hours and numerous phone calls, [he] connected with a local nonprofit” called Love Thy Neighbor, who covered the cost of a new scooter in full. Credit: Tucson Police Department via Storyful

Video Transcript


- Oh, there you are.

- Like this one?

- Yes.

- This is yours now, Frank. We got this for you.

- Oh, sure.

- I'm not kidding. This is yours to take.

- Yeah.

- We got this for you.

- My goodness.

- You can take it home.

- Oh, you're kidding me.

- I'm not kidding you.


- Thank you.

- You're welcome. Yeah. And we'll show you how it works and everything. But we got it, we made some phone calls and we thought you could use this. so--

- Figured a couple balloons and a bow for you, too.


- I can't believe this.


- So--

- Thank you.

- You're more than welcome--

- Absolutely.

- --Frank.

- Thank you for making another man's--

- Yeah, you got it man.

- --life easier.

- Yeah.