Arizona Senate evacuated for 'security threat'; AZ women may go to Calif. for abortions; AZ K-12 schools will get more money, with a catch

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A look at some of today's top stories, the weather forecast and a peek back in history.

Karen Fann called a recess to Senate work and evacuated lawmakers and staff to the Senate basement after protesters attending a rally to protest the repeal of Roe v. Wade pounded on Senate windows and doors.

California state laws protect access to abortions. Health care clinics say they expect to see more patients from Arizona and other states.

Tempering the reaction to a big increase in the K-12 budget was that the new dollars can't be spent unless the Legislature lifts the schools' spending cap.

Today, you can expect it to be mostly sunny, with a high near 109 degrees. A slight chance at thunderstorms at night, with a low near 87 degrees. Get the full forecast here.

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Today in history

  • On this date in 1895, the Peralta-Reavis claims to 12,750,000 acres of land in Arizona and New Mexico were declared fraudulent by the U.S. District Court in Santa Fe. James A. Reavis was later convicted of perjury and sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.

  • In 2012, a divided U.S. Supreme Court threw out major parts of Arizona’s tough crackdown on people living in the U.S. without legal permission, while unanimously upholding the law’s most-discussed provision: requiring police to check the immigration status of those they stop for other reasons, but limiting the legal consequences.

  • In 1942, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was designated Commanding General of the European Theater of Operations during World War II. Some 1,000 British Royal Air Force bombers raided Bremen, Germany.

  • In 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court, in its first “right-to-die” decision, ruled that family members could be barred from ending the lives of persistently comatose relatives who had not made their wishes known conclusively.

  • In 2009, death claimed Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” in Los Angeles at age 50 and actor Farrah Fawcett in Santa Monica, California, at age 62.

This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: AZ Briefing: Arizona Senate evacuated for 'security threat'