Arizona Sheriff's Office Rescues Two People Stranded by Floodwaters

An aviation unit with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) rescued two people after they got stuck on top of a vehicle in floodwaters on July 23, footage shared by the office shows.

Video shows an aerial view of the two sitting atop the vehicle, with water surrounding them. Members of the MCSO aviation unit can be seen reaching out and helping them board a helicopter to safety.

“We are here to provide safety to our community but please be mindful of the dangers posed by moving water and entering flooded areas,” the MCSO wrote on Facebook. “Please do not attempt to enter flooded areas even though you think your vehicle can handle it. Chances are it may not.”

The potential for flash flooding would persist into Sunday, the National Weather Service said. Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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