Arizona town prepares for wildfire

Firefighters east of Phoenix report that the Telegraph fire is more than 20% contained. It has burned over 125 square miles. Globe, Arizona is one of the towns where firefighters, volunteers and residents are gearing up to fight the flames. (June 10)

Video Transcript

LOREN COPELAND: Well, we don't-- we don't want to lose our house. We don't want our neighbors to lose theirs.

BRIAN THACKER: Fire comes in-- this grass is like gasoline, it's just fuel. I don't even have uniforms. I got-- I got no budget. I tell people I'm building this on a shoestring budget. When I find the shoestring, I will let you know.

RANDY TOMERLIN: You bet, if the wind's blowing. The wind's blowing.

LOREN COPELAND: Yeah, just because like, the wind shifts and then, here comes the fire, and then it goes away. And the fire-- the fire crews, I mean, we've got people from everywhere coming in. They're kicking butt. But we're just, you know, we're just the little man.

RANDY TOMERLIN: I would've packed my bag, I'd have had a couple pairs of Levi's.

- You unloaded them?


- Ever had ash fall on your home before?

RANDY TOMERLIN: Nope. No. Like I said, never been this close to a fire.