Arizona's firearms obsessed Republican lawmakers place a ban on saving lives

A firearms dealer demonstrates how a lock works on a handgun.
A firearms dealer demonstrates how a lock works on a handgun.
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There seems to be no limit in the Arizona Legislature on the number of bans proposed by what used to be the party of personal freedom.

Republicans at the state Capitol, who used to advocate a small government, laissez faire approach to legislating, now are more than happy to slap a thou-shalt-not prohibition on just about anything,

Except, of course, if it has to do with firearms.

Even when it is a proposal that would not prevent a single gun or ammo sale, but could save a young person’s life.

That’s essentially what Rep. Jennifer Longdon’s House Bill 2192 would do if it became law.

But, no.

GOP fixates on bathrooms and drag shows

The Republican majority in the Legislature is more interested in a bathroom ban.

They’re more fixated on banning pronouns.

They’re determined to maintain a ban on transparency for private schools.

And to ban the teaching of honest American history.

And to ban books.

And to ban drag shows.

It puts the gun lobby above saving lives

They’re hoping to maintain their control of the Legislature by trying to ban voting by mail.

There is a housing crisis in Arizona. But rather than solving it, some would prefer to ban homelessness.

And, of course, to satisfy their most conservative supporters, members of the GOP must come up with new and innovative ways to try to ban abortion.

In the middle of all this comes Rep. Longdon with a firearms safe storage bill, an uncomplicated approach to trying to save lives that was blocked by lawmakers more concerned with maintaining their cozy relationship with the gun lobby than with protecting the state’s young people.

Longdon's bill is 'the least we can do'

Longdon, herself a survivor of gun violence, named her bill “Christian’s Law” in honor of Christian Petillo of Gilbert.

A few years ago, at 15, he was accidentally shot and killed with an unsecured firearm while at a sleepover.

In a statement Longdon said of her proposal, "This bill simply says that guns stored at home, when not on your person or in use, be stored safely in a securely locked box, or be equipped with a key or combination lock.

“I am a gun-owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, and this bill doesn’t infringe on those rights in the least. My heart breaks for Bruce and Claire Petillo who had to take that call that every parent dreads, and that we have the power to prevent with this bill.

“This bill, frankly, is a baby step. This is the least we can do, and I will never understand the cowardice this issue inspires.”

The representative was unaware, it seems, of the Legislature’s unofficial ban on common sense. And on courage.

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Arizona's gun obsessed GOP lawmakers place a ban on saving lives