Arkansas has a 55 percent chance to beat Ole Miss

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Few teams are as hot as Arkansas right now.

The Razorbacks will be seeking their fifth straight win when they visit Ole Miss for a 6 p.m. tip on Wednesday night. The run has return Arkansas back to the NCAA Tournament conversation just over a month after the Hogs had risen to No. 10 in the nation only to lose five out of six games from mid-December to early January.

The data has recognized. Arkansas has a 55 percent chance to beat Ole Miss on the road, per ESPN’s Basketball Power Index. Coach Eric Musselman’s bunch is slotted at the No. 35 spot in those BPI rankings, while the Rebels sit at No. 111. That puts the Hogs at eighth in the SEC and Ole Miss at 12th.

In the rankings, which have long been used a measuring tool to determine NCAA Tournament hopes, Arkansas is No. 39. The Rebs, who have lost of their last five but beat Florida on Saturday, are 116th.

Those numbers suggest Arkansas would be on the cusp of an at-large bid if the season ended now. Ole Miss would be well out.

Arkansas has been dominant the team from Oxford in recent seasons, winning seven of its last eight in the series.

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