Arkansas governor defends state mask mandate

The governor of Arkansas has issued an order requiring people in his state to wear masks in public as Arkansas deals with a surge in coronavirus cases. Republican Asa Hutchinson says he knows he will be 'second guessed.' (July 17)

Video Transcript

GOV. ASA HUTCHINSON: We believe this is important from a public health standpoint, that's been adopted nationally. It is something that is necessary in Arkansas with the cases that we've had.

First it is a warning, and that has to be given. And then secondly, there could be a citation for a fine. But all of these decisions in terms of enforcement are subject to local priorities.

There's a lot of different viewpoints out there. I have to be in the position, as governor, to make a decision, and I made a decision. And I know that it'll be second guessed. I know that they are likely to have hearings that will discuss this, and they can call witnesses to it. And they can vet it out.