Arkansas motorcyclist catches fire after being tased by cops

A motorcyclist accused of leading Arkansas State Police on a high-speed chase erupted in flames after being tased while wearing a backpack carrying a gallon of gasoline.

Cops say that earlier this month, Christopher Gaylor, 38, led cops on a pursuit that reached speeds of 100 mph, “ignored multiple traffic stop signs and traffic lights” and drove on a shopping center sidewalk. He then ditched his bike and tried to flee through a residential neighborhood on foot with officers still in pursuit.

“In an attempt to apprehend the suspect, one trooper deployed an electronic control device (TASER),” police said in a statement. “As the barbs of the TASER struck Gaylor, a fireball engulfed Gaylor.”

Local station KHBS posted video of police shouting “He’s on fire!” before using an extinguisher to put out the flames.

The suspect is said to be hospitalized in “good condition” and expected to recover from his injuries. He will face charges including felony fleeing and driving with a suspended license.

Arkansas State Police said they also learned during their pursuit that Gaylor had outstanding warrants.

No officers are said to be under investigation over the apprehension. The incident reportedly occurred in north Little Rock shortly after 1 a.m. on Oct. 13.