The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy invaders southern command post and warehouses and kill more than 100 occupiers

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In the south, Ukrainian defenders have completed 200 firing missions, killing 111 invaders, striking invaders’ command and command observation posts, warehouses and equipment.

Source: Pivden [South] Operational Command

Details: Missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have completed more than 200 firing missions, as a result of which the Russian army lost 111 people, a Msta-B howitzer, 2 Nona-S self-propelled artillery and mortar systems, an Eleron-type unmanned aerial vehicle, 13 units of armoured vehicles and other vehicles.

The destruction of the command and command observation post, as well as of 6 more warehouses with ammunition in the Kherson, Berislav and Kakhovka districts, has been confirmed.

Stormy weather in the northwestern part of the Black Sea continues to create conditions that move around the invaders’ mines.

"At the same time, a ship-boat group of the [Russian] Black Sea Fleet has reduced its composition to 2 missile ships and 1 large landing craft," the message says.