Armed Forces of Ukraine repel Russian Subversion and Reconnaissance Group in Kherson Oblast - Operational Command South

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On 6 July, the Russian military tried to break through to the rear of the Ukrainian defenders in the Dobrianka area and carry out an assault in the direction of Myroliubivka, Kherson Oblast – without success.

Source: Operational Command South

Direct speech: "In the area of Dobrianka, a sabotage and reconnaissance group of up to 10 people attempted to break through to the rear of our units in the morning (6 July). With 5 "ruscists" dead and one wounded, the group retreated.

In the afternoon, enemy forces equivalent to a rifle platoon attempted assault operations in the direction of Myroliubivka, near Dobrianka. They were unsuccessful and withdrew."

Details: In the south, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed 38 Russians and destroyed one T-62 tank, two 120-calibre Sani mortar systems [2B11], two armoured and four other vehicles.

Three ammunition depots in the Mykolaiv region and one fuel and lubricants warehouse in Kherson were also destroyed.

Reminder: The Russian army captured a significant part of Kherson Region but lost control of the settlements of Dobrianka, Novovoznesenske and Trudoliubivka in early April.