Armed robbery at Oakland 76 station that was caught on video leaves victims outraged

(KRON) — A brazen daylight armed robbery at a 76 gas station in Oakland was caught on surveillance camera video. In the video, a gray four-door sedan can be seen pulling up at a pump across from a white SUV.

A hooded individual exits the sedan and opens the read of the SUV. Other individuals exit the sedan and assist the first individual in removing the victims’ property. Another hooded individual can be seen exiting the car and pointing a firearm at the victims’ vehicle.

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A bystander in the background raises their hands at the site of the gun.

The hooded subjects then get back into the gray car and speed off with the victims’ property.

(Watch the incident in the video player above)

According to the parents of one victim, one of the suspects smashed the back window of the SUV and pistol-whipped one of the victims.

“He puts it to my son’s chest and starts hitting him on the chest and on the waist with a gun, and my son had on watches and bracelets, and they start pulling those things off from him,” said Maxey Scherr, the mother of one of the victims. “They put their hands, I’m sorry, they put their hands into his pocket, and they start screaming and yelling at him. Another gunman goes to the passenger and does the same. They go into the window and stat reaching into his pants. They took everything these kids had. They took their luggage they took my son’s cellphone.”

The Oakland Police Department said the robbery occurred on Jan. 29 just after 2:30 p.m. at the 76 location in the 400 block of Hegenberger Road. Officers arrived on the scene and learned that while multiple victims sat in a vehicle, a second vehicle pulled up next to them.

Several individuals exited the second vehicle and began to burglarize the victim’s vehicle, police said. One of the people in the second vehicle brandished a firearm and demanded all the victim’s belongings.

The victims, who were visiting California from Texas, surrendered their belongings out of fear, according to police. The suspects fled the scene with the victim’s property.

The response to the robbery from the gas station and law enforcement took the victims aback.

According to Scherr, the gas station clerk chuckled when they asked for help, told them this happened daily, and urged them to leave or the thieves might come back and shoot them.

The victims had taken a trip to wine country and were on their way to return their rental car when the incident occurred.

“I don’t think it should be normalized, I mean this was a serious crime,” said Victor Obevoen, the father of one of the victims. “This was a gun being pulled on my son minding his business, trying to fill up the gas in his rental car and return it. Had good experience and this all ruined it.”

Several businesses along Hegenberger Road have been impacted by crime recently. In the past month, a Denny’s restaurant and an In-N-Out burger location both announced they were closing due to crime.

An investigation into the incident at the 76 station is ongoing, according to OPD. Phone calls to the 76 gas station went unanswered.

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