Armenia Says Azerbaijan Targeting Residential Areas With Missiles and Cluster Bombs

The Armenian government said on October 4 that residential areas in Nagorno-Karabakh were being shelled by Azerbaijan. The country’s foreign minister, Anna A Naghdalyan, said cluster munitions were being used in attacks.

Footage released via YouTube by the Artsakh Defence Army, the armed forces of the Armenian-run enclave within Azerbaijan, shows strikes in Stepanakert, as multiple explosions are seen and heard.

Brian Castner, an investigator with Amnesty International, said the strikes were “a new and completely unacceptable escalation of the Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict: the use of banned cluster munitions against civilian areas in Stepanakert.”

Also on October 4, Azerbaijan said its second city, Ganja, was shelled. Credit: NKR DEFENSE ARMY via Storyful