Armful Of Flowers Gives Gardening Tips With Creative Floral Displays

PTL's Heather Abraham makes a display with Armful of Flowers co-owner Kelly Glover.

Video Transcript

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Chances are, flowers are blooming in your backyard. And if you're like me, you like to snip a few of them off and bring them inside to bring a puff of summer indoors. And joining us to help make the best of your garden blooms is co-owner of Armful of Flowers, Kelly Glover. And you have such a beautiful display here.

KELLY GLOVER: Thank you so much. We are so excited to be here today, Heather. Thank you for having us. And you're so right. There's so many gorgeous things that you can find right in your own backyard. And you can make something as beautiful as this arrangement right here.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: You know what I've noticed, too, is that you use, when you're putting yours together, a lot of green. And this is the stuff you've already set up here. These are things you can find in your backyard if you want.

KELLY GLOVER: Absolutely, cut some branches from your tree, find a bush outside, whatever you can find. This [INAUDIBLE] you can find on the side of the road. There's all sorts of beautiful things.

We like to use this foliage here to make our shape. You want to go outside, harvest everything you can find, put it in some water, let it sit for a little bit. And then go ahead and start arranging.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And so you're just spreading this out to be the filler, almost, on the outside.

KELLY GLOVER: 100%, so you want to go for more of that wildflower look. Have it overflowing. Add your fillers in. And then you want to start adding your accent flowers. For me, I like to add something a little bit airy on the outside that really gives it a little bit of fun character.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And what is this? This is so cute.

KELLY GLOVER: So this is called a scabiosa. We actually harvested it right from our farm. Doesn't it just add some like beautiful, fun texture.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Look how cute these little flowers are. They're quirky.

KELLY GLOVER: I know, and you can go ahead and harvest anything that has this feeling and texture to it. Cosmos are really great for that, as well. I'm going to move on to something a little bit longer, though. These are called larkspur. And we grow these right on our farm up on Mount Washington.

However, you can use something like lavender. And it just elongates the arrangement a little bit. And then I'm going to go ahead and start adding some accent flowers with pops of color.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Now this is something that I've seen on our Instagram page. But tell me what these flowers are.

- So these are called ranunculus. We actually harvest them right from our farm.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Look how pretty.

KELLY GLOVER: They have these gorgeous pops of color. And they really just start pulling together that arrangement. You can really see all of the beautiful colors that are coming together here. You can use cosmos, zinnias, black-eyed susans. Anything from your garden you can substitute for those.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Well, these are so playful, too. I love how cute-- I keep using cute. They're cute.

KELLY GLOVER: But they are. They really are cute.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: They remind me so much of Alice in Wonderland.

KELLY GLOVER: Yes, and there's so many different colors and textures. And that's what's so fun. There's no right or wrong way with flowers. You can find anything in your backyard. I'm starting to add some focal flowers here like this sunflower.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: So when you say focal flower, that is going to be the middle, the thing that draws your eye in?

KELLY GLOVER: That's right, like this bad boy right here, a nice beautiful peony. It is peony season, folks. So I highly recommend cutting those peonies out, bringing them inside. And look at that. It just brings that whole arrangement together.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: So even here, in just a couple of minutes, we've added green. And I know none of these are weeds here, but even if you do have those long-stemmed, green filler--

KELLY GLOVER: Anything from a field somewhere. I mean, really, just go outside. Have some fun. There's no right or wrong way. Flowers look beautiful, no matter what.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And so, again, I know we've done a feature on Armful of Flowers before, but you guys are located in Mount Washington in a backyard, really.

KELLY GLOVER: That's right. Just a nice little half-acre lot. We're so happy to be up there. The community is just so welcoming to us. We're doing really fun farm-to-table workshops this year.

We even are offering beautiful harvest buckets that you can purchase from our farm, either subscription or individually. Or you can bring these types of flowers into your home and make your own arrangement if you don't have access to that in your backyard.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And I know when you guys launched, and I'm sure that you'll do it again this summer, you can come in and pick your own armful of flowers. That's how your business got its name.

KELLY GLOVER: Absolutely, the essence is that feeling one gets when you harvest your own hard work from your own backyard, or even from your own local farmer's market. We really strive to have people feel pride in that. So, for sure.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Awesome. This looks beautiful. And David, I really thought this was going to be complicated. But as you can see, it really is so easy. You get your fillers, your focal flowers. And you can throw it all together. So I think this would be super fun and easy for even us to try.

KELLY GLOVER: No, I think we could do this. Yeah, and seeing it come together like that makes it so much easier because you understand what you're doing. So that was great.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: All right, well, I'll be back inside soon. Kelly, thank you so much.

KELLY GLOVER: Thank you for having me.

- Bring us some flowers.