Army sergeant has sweet reunion with his military dog after 2 years apart

Deployed to missions in Iraq, Sicily, Jerusalem, and New York with his military dog Iskra, Army Sgt. Jake Ferkin was able to "see the world with his best friend."

Now, they will be able to spend Iskra's retirement together, too.

Iskra, a 10-year-old Czech Shepherd, was paired with Ferkin in 2016. She spent three months being trained to conduct patrols and sniff out explosives, and the pair served together for two years. They were separated in 2018, but now that Iskra is retired, she can live with Ferkin full-time. Mission K9 Rescue picked Iskra up in Ft. Myer, Virginia, and dropped her off on Saturday at her new home with Ferkin in Boerne, Texas.

"I am so excited and thankful to be reconnected with Iskra," Ferkin said. "I cannot wait for her to be able to enjoy her retirement and have her take her place on Fort Couch."

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