Around the Sound: Snohomish Brewfest

If you’re feeling hoppy, make your way on over to the Snohomish Brewfest this Saturday, Nov. 5 from 2-8 p.m. Over 20 breweries have been getting ready for the brewfest, and we got an inside look at how one Snohomish brewery is preparing for it.

The owner of Haywire Brewing, Bryant Castle, isn’t new to the industry. He started off working in breweries while living in Tennessee before making his way to the Evergreen State with a mission in mind, to put Snohomish on the beer scene. Now, his local brewery attracts new and old faces daily.

“It’s a lot of locals, a lot of repeat customers, but we get people from Seattle. We also have a pumpkin patch across the street, so during the pumpkin season we have a lot of people coming in from out of town,” said Castle.

The brewery wants you to feel like you’re part of the family, and you’ll most likely run into the same faces each time you pop in. Castle has an all woman-team working at the brewery, something that’s not as common in the beer world.

This brewfest, the ladies put their minds together to come up with a new, exclusive brew.

“I think we just decided we wanted to do a sour and we wanted it to be fruity, and we kind of all came up with having it all be berries: blackberry, strawberry and raspberry. It’s for breast cancer awareness month. That’s what all the pink and stuff is for. We chose the gnomes because our coworker and friend Michelle who works here, that’s her thing, so we did that for her,” said bartender Jordan Schmidt.

The Brewfest starts at 2 p.m. and lasts through 8 p.m. Tickets are $39, and that will get you a souvenir tasting glass and seven beer tickets. Each table has two to four beers, and you’ll get a 5-ounce pour. The money raised is also going toward a greater cause.

“It’s a great time. It’s a lot of local breweries. It’s over at Thomas Farms, also another barn that they have the brewfest at. It raises money for the senior center here in Snohomish. I think this year there’s going to be 25 breweries. It’s always a good time. Everyone brings unique beers out to the festival,” said Castle.