Arrest made in fatal stabbing of Good Samaritan in Brooklyn

William Smith, 45, is facing charges of murder, robbery, and three counts of assault.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news. An arrest has been made following the murder of a good Samaritan on a street in Brooklyn. This as his heartbroken widow is sharing her pain and sorrow at the loss of her husband. Yong Zheng was celebrating the Lantern Festival in Sunset Park Friday night when he and his friends saw an Asian man being viciously attacked. It turned out to be fallout from an illegal gambling den.

- Four men were stabbed. Yong Zheng, fatally, as 45-year-old William Smith is facing murder charges now. Through a translator, the victim's widow spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News.


INTERPRETER: He heard robbery, that's why he jumped in. He didn't know what was going on. He saw a crime. He tried to stop it. She just keep thinking about, like, every time when she looked at her son, she thought about that now that he has no father.

- He leaves behind a wife, a 14-year-old daughter, and four-year-old son. Donations are now being collected on behalf of the grieving family and you can help if you'd like to. Just go to our website for that information,