Arrest warrant issued for corrections official in connection with inmate escape in Alabama

At a press conference Monday, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said an arrest warrant for “permitting or facilitating escape” has been issued for Vicky White, an official at the Lauderdale County Corrections Center, in connection with the escape of inmate Casey Cole White. Singleton later said it hasn’t been determined whether Vicky White, who is not related to the inmate, was a willing participant in Friday’s escape.

Video Transcript

RICK SINGLETON: The other thing that I want to make you aware of today is that we have had a warrant issued for Director Vicky White. The charges are permitting or facilitating an escape in the first degree. Now, that's Alabama code 13a-20-34. So there is an active warrant out for Ms. White. Obviously, for Casey White.

So we're in hopes that we'll get some much needed breaks here in the next few hours-- few days-- that will help us locate them, and get them back here to Lauderdale County, and get Casey White, especially, behind bars. Casey White, as you've heard me say over and over, is an extremely dangerous person. And we need to get him located and get him off the street.