Art Academy in Milton plays host to Be Well Festival

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Jul. 24—MILTON — Local experts in many different areas of wellness came to the Art Academy of Milton, 38 South Front Street, to show their expertise at the Be Well Festival.

It was a full day of self care and relaxation where the experts provided exclusive insight into how various services can elevate your self care and daily life. Presentations were given every half hour and attendees had five minute trials for all services at reduced rates.

Emily Gibson, owner of Amoss, 60 South Front Street in Milton, organized the event and said it is a unique gathering.

"It's a little bit different for the area," said Gibson, whose father, Steve Gibson, owns the Art Academy building.

Amoss provides visitors with items like crystals, books, yoga mats, jewelry, and other items.

Gibson has been working for many months at promoting Milton to the outside world. Recently she stepped down as a volunteer leader with The Improved Milton Experience (TIME) to fill empty storefronts in Milton and assists with a grant underway to benefit the aesthetics of downtown Milton.

TIME is a nonprofit compromised mostly of volunteers with a main focus on revitalization.

"They try to get the community involved with different events and work heavily with different grants to bring money to the community," according to Gibson.

Gibson said TIME has different committees working with neighbors of all ages, experiences and abilities.

"We created a database to keep track of empty and available storefronts to attract entrepreneurs and starters," Gibson said.

Partnering with local businesses to offer patrons of the festival discounts, Gibson said three local businesses in Milton agreed to Gibson's proposition.

Cinn-ful Treats, Two Owls, and Tastecraft welcomed patrons at the Be Well Festival.

Mike Luxenberger had been at the event since 10 a.m. He said there was a lot of people who came in and out through the event.

"A lot of great people," Luxenberger said.

Luxenberger's wife, Shelby, owns Dear Universe Resin in Turbotville, which provides semi-precious crystal accessories and home decor made of resin.

Baked on the Hill is a small business based out of Muncy Hills providing handmade polymer clay earrings.

Its owner, Tabitha Heistand, said Baked on the Hill is a direct result from pandemic life. Heistand began her trade during quarantine while with her children.

"I've always been creative," said Heistand.

She said she gets inspiration from her surroundings and other places.

The Be Well Festival had attendees come as far away as the Harrisburg area.

Alexis Caldwell, of Mechanicsburg, said she came to Milton specifically for the Be Well Festival. She said she was impressed by the assortment of tie-dyed products offered.

"It's a pretty neat event," Caldwell said.

Gibson said she is excited to see the direction Milton is heading and to see like-minded people coming together.

"It was really special to partner with my dad's business to bring this to the community," Gibson added.