Art created by Muhammad Ali to sell at auction

These artworks were created by Muhammad Ali

and they are going up for auction

LOCATION: New York City

The world-famous boxer loved to draw in between fights

(SOUNDBITE) (English) HELEN HALL, BONHAMS DIRECTOR OF POPULAR CULTURE, SAYING:"Well, I think a lot of people are excited because no one, no one knew he was an artist and no one knew about this treasure trove of artwork. So we're seeing a lot of interest and a lot of excitement."

Many of the 24-piece collection are in cartoon style

Some of them are signed

Some also picture Ali in the ring

(SOUNDBITE) (English) HELEN HALL, BONHAMS DIRECTOR OF POPULAR CULTURE, SAYING:"He drew them for Avant Garde magazine, and they're all very politicized. / One of the paintings is devoted to Islam. He had just recently converted. And then some of them have a bit of a sort of lighter tone and relate to boxing. So that's one where the crowd, he's just painted the crowd around the boxing ring, and they all have sad faces. And he said they're all sad because of the short time it took for him to win the fight. And there's another one where there's a boxing ring and lots of dollar signs. And he said, when people ask me how I feel when I'm standing over my opponent victorious, I say I'm just thinking of running to the bank with all the money I've made. So, you know, he had a sense of humor."