Art pick of the week: self-portraits with Dita Pepe

Dita Pepe's portfolio website features work from her series of self-portraits

Czech photographer Dita Pepe became one of this week's most buzzed-about artists as selections of her arresting portfolio were circulated with renewed enthusiasm.

Pepe's work shows her assimilated into an impossibly diverse range of families, from the husband and wife on an outdoor trek and the pair of striking, sullen youths to the immigrant family and fitness enthusiast sisters.

"Which one is the real Dita?" we might ask, while imagining ourselves inhabiting these other lives.

The longform work has been 15 years in the making, with photography blogs PetaPixel and Lens Culture among the first to notice the Czech-language chatter surrounding Pepe's pictures, while a print-based compilation is due for publication in October.

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