Art & Soul of Aiken scheduled to close in the near future

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Jul. 19—A local art gallery won't be open for much longer, according to a recent post on its Facebook page.

The message, from Art & Soul of Aiken's owners, Stacy O'Sullivan and Kim Rising, was dated July 15.

"It is with the heaviness of broken hearts that we notify you that we will be permanently closing the gallery," the post stated. "We simply can no longer keep swimming upstream against the tide of the city.

"We have given our all in a gallant effort to keep something unique and beautiful in Aiken. However, with the political factors, condition of our building, unsupportive landlords and upcoming upheaval of major construction in the downtown area, it is no longer possible for us to keep the gallery open.

"We are grateful our time with all of you and those we met along the way ... far more than we could ever express. It is our sincere hope that you will continue your support of the local artists in our collective in our final months and moving forward."

The person at Art & Soul who answered a telephone call from the Aiken Standard on July 19 said the gallery's shutdown was scheduled for mid-October.

O'Sullivan and Rising, who could not be reached for comment, founded Art & Soul in 2016 as a place where artists could gather and display and sell their work.

The cooperative's member artists paid a monthly rent and kept the proceeds from their sales, the Aiken Standard reported in 2019.

Art & Soul moved from Richland Avenue to its current location at 208 The Alley in 2017.